Name and surname: Albert Einstein

His/her personality: Little Albert was a quiet and withdrawn child, who had a slow intellectual development.
Albert Einstein was a very modest man genuinely fleeing fame and authority.

Date of birth : He was born on 14 March 1879

Place of birth :He was born in Ulm, in Wurtemberg

Nationality: He was German

Important places in his/her life:
The year after birth, his parents moved to Munich. When his sister was born they moved to Milan.
In 1902, he found a job with the patent office in Bern, in Switzerland.

Job: He was an inventor and a scientist.

Einstien played violin when he was a boy. He continued to play violin and piano his entire life.

Physical description:
When he died, he had white hair and afro. His eyes were black

Important events in his/her life:
Einstein married a girl named Elsa. With ter he had no children.
Albert Einstein had 3 children with other girls.One was named Hans Albert Einstein, another, Eduard Einstein and Lieserl Einstein.

Important achievements in his/her life:
Albert Einstein was best known for his Theory of Relativity and especially the formula E=MC2.
Einstein showed how to calculate Avogadro's number and size of molecule.

Date of death: He died on 18th April 1955

Place of death :He died in New Jersey, in the United States