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Michael Fred Phelps was born June 30, 1985. He is an American swimmer.
He has 16 Olympic medals: six gold and two bronze at Athens Games in 2004 and eight gold at Beijing in 2008

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Usain Bolt was born August 21, 1986 in Jamaica. Is a specialist in speed athlete, world champion and Olympic 100 and 200 m smooth, and the fastest man on the planet. He has three Olympic medals: three gold at Pekín in 2008.

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Maurice Greene he was born July 23 1974 in Kansas city.
Is an American athlete won the gold medal in the 100 metters during the 2000 Sidney Olympics.
It is the athlete who has fallen more times in 10 sec.
The first athlete achieve the double in a 100-200 meter world in Sevilla'99. First athlete to lose 9.80 at 100m.
His a personal record is 9.79 achieved at the meeting in Athens in 1999. maurice_greene.jpgJabir

Claudia Pechstein (East Berlin, Germany, 22 February 1972) is aGerman figure skater. With a total of five Olympic gold medals, two silver and 2 bronze medals is the most Lauredo German athlete in the history of the Olympic Winter Games.

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Amy Joy Williams MBE (born 29 September 1982 is an English skeleton racer and Olympic gold medallist. Originally a runner, she began training in skeleton after trying the sport on a push-start track at the University of Bath. Although unable to qualify for the 2006 Winter,she was a member of her nation's team four years later at the 2010 Games, and won a gold medal, becoming the first British individual gold medallist at a Winter Olympics for 30 years.
Virginie Martinez

Johnny Weissmuller
Johnny Weissmuller, of the Tarzan movie fame, was also one of the best swimmers of the world during the 1920s. He won 5 Olympic gold medals as well as a bronze medal. Plus, he also set 67 world records and has never lost a single swimming race, retiring from his swimming career undefeated.
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Lluís Barceló

Jesse Owens

Was born in Oakville September 12, 1913 was a popular AfricanAmerican athlete.He participated in the1936 Berlin Olympics, where heachieved international fametowin four gold medals: 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, long jumpand as a participantof the winning teamin the 4x100 meters relay races.


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