Name and surname
Amy Winehouse

his/her personality: She was highly attractive, extroverted and optimistic.
date of birth: She was born on 14th September, 1983.
place of birth : She was born in Southgate, London, UK.
Nationality: She was English.
Important places in his/her life: she lived in Camden Town in London,
job: She was a musician.
hobbies: She loved singing, alcohol, pop music. She loved jazz
Physical description: She had brown eyes, long hair , she was tall.
Important events in his/her life:She married Blake Fielder-Civil.
Important achievements in his/her life: She inventit songs. She won 5 grammys in 2010
date of death: She died on 23 July, 2011. She was 28 years old.
place of death : She died in Camden, London, UK.