Name and surname: Bruce Leeimages.jpegHis/her personality: He was happy, perfectionist, disciplined with the work and an innovator.
Date of birth: He was born on November 27th, 1940 in the year of the Dragon.
Place of birth: He was born in San Francisco, California (United States)
Nationality: He was Chinese-American.
Important places in his/her life: He lived in Hong Kong and he travelled to the United States.
Job: He was an actor.
Hobbies: He liked fighting.
Physical description: He was an athletic man.
Important events in his/her life: He created the Jeet Kune Do.

Important achievents in his/her life:
He won many Awards, Honors and Archievements:
Date of death: He died on July 20th, 1973.
Place of death: He died in Hong Kong.
Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris