Name and surname
Charles Dickens

his/her personality:He was stubborn and
quick tempered

date of birth: He was born on 7th February, 1812.

place of birth : He was born in Landport, Portmouth England.

Nationality: He was British.

Important places in his/her life:He lived in Poet's Corner, Westminster Abbey. In 1842 he travelled to America with Catherine

Job: He was a novelist

hobbies: He loved writing

Physical description: He had got a beard,, brown eyes, and short hair.

Important events in his/her life: He married Catherine Hogarth in 1836, they had 10 children.
In 1858 Dickens separated from Catherine

Important achievements in his career: he published Oliver Twist in 1837, A Christmas Carol in 1842 and Great Expectations in 1860

date of death: He died on 9th June, 1870.

place of death : He died in England.