Today, 26th September, is the European Day of Languages!


What's your favourite word in English? Write it in English and in two more languages! Write your name!

Then, go to Read the words, write it again and let the avatar read it to you.
Or go to google translate and listen to your word in all the languages

My favourite word in English is FRIENDSHIP... дружбаin Russian and Freundschaft in German (Rosamaria)

Do you want to record your word? take the class iphone and record a voice memo

FOOTBALL, CALCIO in Italian and ποδόσφαιρο in Greek (Esther Besa)
BASKETBALL: BASKETBALL in German and BASKET in French (Andrés)
ART: ARTE in Italian and KUNST in German (Zaira)
GAME, ONYULAR in Turkish and JEUX in French (Ylenia)
PAINTING: PICTURA in Romanian and PITTURA in Italian (Samir)
COMPUTER; DATAMASKIN in Norwegian and COMPUTADORA in Portuguese (LLuís)
DOG: CHIEN in French and HUNDUR in Icelandic (Daniel Capdevila) and HUND in German (Corinne)
LIKE: COME in Italian and FATO in Bulgarian (Mònica)
COOK: KOCHEN in German and CUCINARE in Italian (Jana)
LOVE: AMORE in Italian and L´AMOUR in French (Bruna)
EVIL: MALE in Italian and MAL in French (Brenda)
MISTER : MENEER in Dutch and DOMNULE in Romanian (Soulaimane)
FAMILY:ΟΙΚΟΓΕΝΕΙΑ in Greek and TEAGHLAIGH in Icelandic (Helena)
PENCIL: LÁPIS in Portuguese and PEANN LUIDHE in Irish (Hamed)
STAR: SEREN in Welsh and αστέρι in Greek (Clàudia)
CHAMPIONS: MEISTER in German and MAJSTROV in Slovak (Jabir)
FREE: WOLNY in Polish and δωρεάν in Greek (Pau)
POWER: HATALOM in Hongarian and POWER in Danish (Anthony)
BALL: PILOTA in Catalan and мяч in Russian ( КАРОЛИНА)
FOG: BROUILLARD in French and NEBEL in German and CEO in Irish (Brugués)
FRIENDS: AMICI in Italian and PRIETENNI LUI in Romanian (Ainhoa)
FIREWORKS: FAJERWERKI in Polish and FOCURI DE ARTIFICII in Romanian (Virginie)
HOLY: święty in Polish and ιερός in Greek (Dawid)
DEMON: DÄMON in German and DÉMON in Hongarian (Ian)
HELLO: cześć in Polish and HOLA in Spanish (Jiahui)
CAT: PISICA in Romanian and GAT in Catalan (Laura)
MONKEY: TXIMIHOA in Basque and μαϊμού in Greek (Louee)
MATRIX: MATRIZ in Spanish and MATRICE in Italian (Tofiq)
DREAM: SONHO in Portuguese and VIS in Romanian (Marc)
FOREVER: PER SEMPRE in Italian and navždy in Slovak (Mar)

ELEVEN: ELF in Dutch and ELLEFU in Icelandic (Yasmina)
FEELINGS: SENTIMENTI in Italian and GEFÜHLE in German (Anna Clara)
SUMMER: ESTATE in Italian and καλοκαίρι in Greek (Salma)

IMG_3502.jpg IMG_3501.jpg

SWIMMING: SCHWIMMEN in German and peldēšana in Latvian (Sara)
DANCE: DANS in Danish and DANTZA in Basque (Judith Besa)
HAPPY: GLÜCKLICH in German and FELICE in Italian (Imma)
TIGER: TYGRYS in Polish and тигър in Bulgarian (Marc Carreras)
MUSIC: MUSIK in German and MUUSIKA in Estonian (Hassan)
SANDS: PIJESAK in Croatian and TYWOD in Welsh (Aleix)
RABBIT: LAPIN in French and CONIGLIO in Italian (Patricia)
POOL: PISCINE in French and BASEN in Polish (Dikra)
HELP : AIUTARE in Italian and AIDER in French (Francisco)
HANDBALL: HÅNDBOLD in Danish and HAND EBOL in Galician (Juan)
FORMULA 1: FORMEL 1 in German and FORMULE 1 in French (Luís)
HUMAN: MENSCH in Germana and GIZA in Basque (Aroa)
SOUP: BRODO in Italian and LA SOUPE in French (Georgi)
TABLE TENNIS: TENIS BWRDDIN in Welsh and MESA DE TENIS in Galician (Judit Ferrer)