Name and surname

John Lennon

his/her personality:
date of birth: John Lennon was born on 8th October 1940
place of birth : He was born in Liverpool, in the UK

Nationality: He was a English musician
Important places in his/her life: He trevelled to Vietnam to do a concert
job: He was a Musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, artist, writer

hobbies: He liked singing, he liked playing the guitar , the piano, the armonica...

Physical description: He was tall with brown eyes , with brown hair he was thin.

Important events in his/her life: He sang with the Beatles ''In my Life'',''Rain'',''Norwegian Wood''.

Important achievements in his/her life: He famously remarked in 1965 that the Beatles were ''more popular than Jesus'' he married 2 wifes, Cynthia
date of death: 8 of December 1980
place of death : New York USA